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Yesterday, Tomorrow and You

by Louis Mackey & Thirtyseven

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All tracks produced by Louis Mackey
Except: "Can't Seem to Make You Mine", produced by Dr. Quandary
"Yesterday, Tomorrow and You", co-produced by Nick Williams
Mastered by NickNinjaneer Williams


released March 31, 2015

Cover photo: "Spomenik Tjentište" by Michael Kötter

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all rights reserved



No Humans Allowed Burlington, Vermont

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Track Name: Yesterday, Tomorrow and You
out in the distance... a city with no lights
the wind whips money from sixty or more flights
we can finally see the stars, the systems are so bright
i try to sleep, it’s hard to get through the cold nights is rough, there’s no comfort or peace
get up, wipe the blood on my sleeve, wander the streets
cuz humans have to do something other than breathe
...and cash rules nothing when you’ve got nothing to eat
I used to wish for peace and quiet
do the dishes, read the Times each evening amidst the screaming sirens
long before the all out war and the Freedom Riots
world leaders dying, Phoenix Rising from the sea of fire
now we navigate the ashen gray trash and waste dumped
and track the days by after-shakes and a faint sun
the last radio waves escape into space
echo out only saying my name and the date

...they probably caught it off the television
the way they’re always talking and they never listen
new raw synthesis, we open heads with no regrets
...only left a few shocked witness
…watch ‘em wobble ‘round the shopping malls
watch ‘em single shot pivot, stop, drop and fall
the whole world’s watching, no one got involved...
all the other monsters nonchalantly walked along
no medicine for madness, only broken grown-ups
numb and overloaded and desperate for distractions
...sodium flouride chemical reactions
a billion willing victims for predators to practice with how you sleeping these days?
meat in a cage, but hey, at least we’re free to complain, right? how’s your slice of the pie?
are you living out a crime or a lie? TIME TO DECIDE
Track Name: All Work No Play
I’m nodding off to the coffee talk at my office job
outside, i hear bodies dropping on the promenade
I see the city’s vulture eyes and broke swollen face
I gotta push it all aside before I go insane
nobodys fault but mine you don’t know my name
must’ve lost my time in cold, frozen space
slipped into the crowd of vagrants, laborers, yuppies
wasting away till i’m faded to nothing
...just another passerby riding the train
burning, dying to break the speed of light and escape
the pharmaceuticals, fast food and bad coffee
...coffin cubicle, bathroom to back lobby
where the sheep come and gather to run the ladder
and plummet, splatter on the street for a job that doesn’t matter
when the day is done, I see it for the shit that isn’t said
just waking up making love to the living dead

...I see this city for the cycles it feeds off
death porn and sitcoms, writing up theme songs
with a blade that I’m breaking by slicing the meat wrong
waking up is painful, you don’t like it then dream on
death and rebirth, get ready for work
aside from seven billion assholes, it’s Heaven on Earth
so get money, get power, get presidents murked
while the whole world watches, the Kennedy Curse
weapons are words are weapons, especially this verse
off and on, nothing works and everything hurts
...I see this city for the blood on her lips
and that’s not a situation that I’m comfortable with
she speaks in tongues that get under my skin,
messed up my head, I never forget, she doesn’t forgive

tiptoeing through the shards of glass of bottles smashed
I always pass when I’m walking back from the laundry mat
watch the carbon mass Carnival calling cast
all en masse crawl and gnash, arms are shopping bags
see the suits at work back where I stand
... still life of the Universe, a flash in the pan
Caste status, snapped cameras capture a glance
of the upper class laughing, glasses in hand
… see these tireless drones walking by on their phone
blind to the homeless dying on the side of the road
on auto-pilot, driving with climate control
...pass the sighs of silent unknown
yo, we walk to work early touting zombie masks
and just watch the herd gurnyed out in bodybags
while oligarchs and fat circus clowns go ballroom dance
one day it’s certain I’ll be on that slab

sunrise is for shitty poets and drunk guys
tonguetied on a rooftop as the blood dries
sleeping on floors, no dreams except seeing my corpse peaceful death, grief or remorse
no problem with that, know all of the facts
I dove off of the map and globe trotted it back
...when the day is done, I see it’s final form
as ten million living cells inside a giant corpse
all the same city that you’ve ever been stuck in
whoever you’re fucking, whatever you been selling for sustenance me, kids, one breath is all there fucking is
just be grateful love exists, take it all and run with it
refuse to die alone, the human dynamos produce a liver show
than you could try at home, but go have fun with it
always overworked, but never spoke a word against a broken burning burden
go to church and vote Republican
Track Name: Everything, Everywhere, Always
we don’t argue bout problems ...we target them and take them down often
you don’t get it yet we make it sound awesome
it’s hard to be honest now, hard for me to watch my mouth
with the Hand of God’s cameras watching as I walk around
it’s all economics now, everything we talk about
from any given office down to every single cop in town
leave ‘em lost in crowds, disappeared, dropping out
Eagle Down, people shout and scream as we calmly bounce...

I’m leveling the shot, remembering the spots
and when I’m exiting the block.. dump the weapon in a mosque
this is for the long nights assembling the plot
the cameras in the mezzanine and bar don’t record right
for freedom and safety so if I’m arrested or I’m caught
I’m released in a day with a single message from the top
plus it’s easier to blame an unfriendly enemy abroad
seems the secrets that we sleep with are everything we got

...the sniper scope is a movie classic,
that’s nice for shows, but old pros prefer precise explosives...
so yeah, whatever demon piece of shit you protect
I see the distance and depth and plot the grid in my head’s trickier establishing an adequate defense
assassinations never happen if they’re accidents instead
I’m mastering my alibis and practicing to death
and the news never noticed when I tagged you and I left

I don’t see names or victims, just noble reasons
things are so insanely different when you know the secret
see the open season go in slow motion sequence
I spoke to Jesus though I know my oaths to Caesar slowly happens all up in the sober madness
I used to be in pursuit of peace but grew to feel old and tattered
traded in faith in men for global status
rogue combatant, ode to Patton, fold the atlas over back up 3

Hoover was a problem, closet case, paranoid
framing fake communists and fondling his errand boys
Reagan was a frontman, money came from Asia
paid to make a Patriot to cover for the the caper’s just another awful and monotonous job
watching the clock, counting every body that drops
day to day, strangely mundane, waiting for planes
with a dozen interchangeable names, Angleton games

… I’ve no excuse, just doing what I was told to do
there’s no chosen few, beady eyes or cloven hooves
see, I get to be the guy who stomps his soldier boots
don’t even try to read between the lines when they show the news
and I can’t kill the sound in my head
children shout in the background of my lense
no doubt or regret down in the depths
in and out of my bed, counting down the hours that’s left
Track Name: Can't Seem to Make You Mine
...I figure it’s only fair, I strike out, I struck out
luck counts, but it’s right down to what now
...a rough bounce or a single skip in the beat
and my stoned dick is in the cold grip of defeat
...I love to toe the line in double overtime
when it only takes one word to blow the whole design
...I’m the technician, testing the lines
and the rest of these guys get to be the envious eyes
keep watching, dude...I eat, sleep and breathe awesome
decease awesome, six feet deep in a SWEET coffin,too
...used to feel bad I won the frickin’ lottery
but I’m working it hard to pimp an ugly system honestly
ain’t fucking with philosophy...I do applied physics
mess around and empty out the room in five minutes
like fine...I strike out, I struck out
no touchdowns for chumps, now go calm the fuck down

gone are the days of letting "love" fuck my brain up
that's the same song I sang getting stuck on a train drunk
I'd like to think of myself as a fortified stronghold
I see that number calling and I'm mortified beyond hope
still don't use the knowledge of past --so
any illusion of power I had was stupid, invalid and sad
why do I still bitch, protest it and rue my fate?
I was clearly human bait the second I knew her face
intelligent dumb so I fell for the stuff
that melted my junk, man, I should've held to my guns
and even if it doesn't seem, she tried though
running over with your mind blown on the ride home
...shibasic how it normally unfolds
getting wasted in situations that I totally control
i’d like to say I’m older and I’ve grown
but I still whimper with quivered lips when I’m lonely in the cold
Track Name: Where the Altar Should Be
it goes: burnt it all down...built it back up
out of nothing, and some kids would kill for that stuff
been shedding the desert with some bad medicine
and we ate the whole bag testing it
...the constant hum from beyond the Sun
that made monkey brains into talking drums
with awkward...tongues...the invisible hand
the signal that’s been zipping through your pineal gland
recurring dreams, birth pains and murder scenes
all I know is live shows are church to me
homeless rappers doing shows for holy sacraments
until we control your whole establishment

the curtain’s drawn, we hear now we’re in jeopardy
… let it all burn beyond the power of memory
props for the guys that’s been robbing us blind
and the marketing minds that make us rotten inside
there’s a war going on and it’s brought to you by
an obvious lie, growing strong and popularized
..but I go along, nod and comply
like it’s not solely Goldman’s fault the economy dived
and all of us buy it, all of the time
even if you read and listen and follow the lies
from incompetent columnists caught in the sky
to Congressmen calling in stocks on the side

ain’t gonna stress if we don’t get a bunch of press
we got props from Dr. Leary and that dude is fucking dead
breaking chains, taking names, busting heads
found out Alex Jones is just another Fed
...infiltrator, same shit, different flavor
fame hits and we change quick, it’s just nature
...still, it’s sad to see him go from caped crusader
to sniffing Charlie Sheen with Ben Bernanke paper
celebretarded, like every artist I wanted to be
until I watched em get weak and peddle garbage
...monkey see, monkey do,
monkey get another monkey cut in two just to send a message to another dude
either stuck in zoos where they drug the food and nothing’s true
or else we’re playing jungle rules, up to you...
...monkey see, monkey do,
monkey get another monkey cut in two just to send a message to another dude
either stuck in zoos where they drug the food and nothing’s true
or else we’re playing jungle rules, up to you...

the depressing news, the daily shit
saying “that’s just the way it is” will be the death of you
it’s tv station flip to get amused
the wavelengths are crisp, antenna tuned to whatever suits
weigh the risks, “remember, the rent is due”
…taking the hits, til the way that we live, we never intended to
but people are fine with secrets and lies
as long as you sweep it underneath a weekend to buy shit
watch the figurines spinning in the city streets
… to the market-driven symphony of industry
gritting teeth, clocks are ticking, clicking feet
… we must’ve got addicted to the misery
but it’s figures devised, integers, lines
it’s not ever really different this time
… stocks peaked, profited all day
stacked like bodies in Syrian hospital hallways

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