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Yesterday, Tomorrow and You

from by Louis Mackey & Thirtyseven



out in the distance... a city with no lights
the wind whips money from sixty or more flights
we can finally see the stars, the systems are so bright
i try to sleep, it’s hard to get through the cold nights is rough, there’s no comfort or peace
get up, wipe the blood on my sleeve, wander the streets
cuz humans have to do something other than breathe
...and cash rules nothing when you’ve got nothing to eat
I used to wish for peace and quiet
do the dishes, read the Times each evening amidst the screaming sirens
long before the all out war and the Freedom Riots
world leaders dying, Phoenix Rising from the sea of fire
now we navigate the ashen gray trash and waste dumped
and track the days by after-shakes and a faint sun
the last radio waves escape into space
echo out only saying my name and the date

...they probably caught it off the television
the way they’re always talking and they never listen
new raw synthesis, we open heads with no regrets
...only left a few shocked witness
…watch ‘em wobble ‘round the shopping malls
watch ‘em single shot pivot, stop, drop and fall
the whole world’s watching, no one got involved...
all the other monsters nonchalantly walked along
no medicine for madness, only broken grown-ups
numb and overloaded and desperate for distractions
...sodium flouride chemical reactions
a billion willing victims for predators to practice with how you sleeping these days?
meat in a cage, but hey, at least we’re free to complain, right? how’s your slice of the pie?
are you living out a crime or a lie? TIME TO DECIDE


from Yesterday, Tomorrow and You, released March 31, 2015
produced and mixed by Louis Mackey and NickNinjaneer
lyrics written and performed by Louis Mackey (M.Raso) and Thirty Seven (J.Boland)
mastered by NickNinjaneer



all rights reserved


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