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produced and mixed by Louis Mackey
lyrics written and performed by Louis Mackey (M.Raso) and Thirty Seven (J.Boland)
mastered by NickNinjaneer


I’m nodding off to the coffee talk at my office job
outside, i hear bodies dropping on the promenade
I see the city’s vulture eyes and broke swollen face
I gotta push it all aside before I go insane
nobodys fault but mine you don’t know my name
must’ve lost my time in cold, frozen space
slipped into the crowd of vagrants, laborers, yuppies
wasting away till i’m faded to nothing
...just another passerby riding the train
burning, dying to break the speed of light and escape
the pharmaceuticals, fast food and bad coffee
...coffin cubicle, bathroom to back lobby
where the sheep come and gather to run the ladder
and plummet, splatter on the street for a job that doesn’t matter
when the day is done, I see it for the shit that isn’t said
just waking up making love to the living dead

...I see this city for the cycles it feeds off
death porn and sitcoms, writing up theme songs
with a blade that I’m breaking by slicing the meat wrong
waking up is painful, you don’t like it then dream on
death and rebirth, get ready for work
aside from seven billion assholes, it’s Heaven on Earth
so get money, get power, get presidents murked
while the whole world watches, the Kennedy Curse
weapons are words are weapons, especially this verse
off and on, nothing works and everything hurts
...I see this city for the blood on her lips
and that’s not a situation that I’m comfortable with
she speaks in tongues that get under my skin,
messed up my head, I never forget, she doesn’t forgive

tiptoeing through the shards of glass of bottles smashed
I always pass when I’m walking back from the laundry mat
watch the carbon mass Carnival calling cast
all en masse crawl and gnash, arms are shopping bags
see the suits at work back where I stand
... still life of the Universe, a flash in the pan
Caste status, snapped cameras capture a glance
of the upper class laughing, glasses in hand
… see these tireless drones walking by on their phone
blind to the homeless dying on the side of the road
on auto-pilot, driving with climate control
...pass the sighs of silent unknown
yo, we walk to work early touting zombie masks
and just watch the herd gurnyed out in bodybags
while oligarchs and fat circus clowns go ballroom dance
one day it’s certain I’ll be on that slab

sunrise is for shitty poets and drunk guys
tonguetied on a rooftop as the blood dries
sleeping on floors, no dreams except seeing my corpse peaceful death, grief or remorse
no problem with that, know all of the facts
I dove off of the map and globe trotted it back
...when the day is done, I see it’s final form
as ten million living cells inside a giant corpse
all the same city that you’ve ever been stuck in
whoever you’re fucking, whatever you been selling for sustenance me, kids, one breath is all there fucking is
just be grateful love exists, take it all and run with it
refuse to die alone, the human dynamos produce a liver show
than you could try at home, but go have fun with it
always overworked, but never spoke a word against a broken burning burden
go to church and vote Republican


from Yesterday, Tomorrow and You, released March 31, 2015



all rights reserved


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