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does thirtyseven still battle? probably not...
if I gotta prove shit to you kids, I’ve already lost
motherfuck a diss track, I’ll be calling your moms
and then having your ass grounded if you talk to me wrong
actually bro, I’m over stabbing rappers at shows
I practice alone, study tracks and master my tone
with classic control, and my live act is actual dope
so act like you know, and back up while I pack up and go
no offense, dude, but fuck your local music scene
I speak of errybody and I touch the whole community
I’ll book your home town, do a bunch of frontal nudity
and have you whole fan base running home to google me
….I’m a one man poetry slam
plus the opening band getting stoned in the van
me and Lou have blacked out off at least 40 beers
and we produced a rap album longer than your careers

(Louis Mackey)
Does Lou Mackey talk shit with every breathe that he’s got ?
Bet I’ve tested my weapon from Texas to Prague
left some Estonian broads, stunned, breathless in awe
after i crashed the rental car and still went to the bar
woke with memory loss, and espionage charges
guess that it’s all garbage, death to the other artists
place bets that your off target—
with whatever fuck-endeavor, convenient store attempt to get audience
and frontal nudity is nothing to new to me
clear out the chumps, prudes and leave just the beauty queens
she’s here overnight, but I’m sending you home, it’s bedtime
too good for open mics, too unknown to headline
it’s the same song, we aren’t new or progressive
except for day long seances in studio sessions
told the other side, “yeah I got the message”
just shut up and rhyme back YouTube’s comment section

can you poodles get the point of NO HUMANS ALLOWED?
...future mutant music for the few and the proud?
...of course you Normals are snooping around
stop and watch, call the cops cuz these dudes are too loud
but nah, I search for a way to make a cop burst into flames
off of nothing but a verse that I made, yup
...I’m sure you get blazed and work on the same stuff
schmuck searching for fame, commercial and bankrupt
basically, you remix your favorite three great emcees’re a dope cover song, way to be
way to be redundant, way to be a waste of meaty substance
...way to be a brain in pre-production
...daydreaming ‘bout the cake you need to run shit
when we been masterpiecing off a straight graffitti budget
world around show and proving
dope producing, no excuses...yeah, I know, it’s so confusing
bad touch, the shame and disgust
took one look at me and couldn’t speak my name for a month


from No Humans Allowed, released May 5, 2011



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No Humans Allowed Burlington, Vermont

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