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Not of This Earth

from by Louis Mackey & Thirtyseven



(Louis Mackey)
here’s trainwrecked actor or a mainstream rapper with a catchy line
so ya’ll stay enraptured I’ll fall back to it eleven times
hipster hop, devoured up, beaten to death
by what the hour wants in and out, one media breath
but easy chump, this beat is just a reason to be breathing demons up
til I’m seeing leaking guts, steeping in sea of blood
he told it clear the little prick only had to speak it once
whose whole career is moldy beer, cigarettes and seedy blunts
I’m awfully sick of settling for small kicks of adrenaline
half-wit woman, liquor and prescription medicine
now there’s nothing more to lose, so it’s worthless to say
that “it’s all been done before” assumes a purpose or way
above our orbital fray, a direction working to gain
a knowing of a higher source for our pain, an order, recourse for the blame
but there’s nothing, never was, just good ole’ crude enslavement
they set up you up to get your blood thru your own hallucinations

people want some entertainment ... simple little statements
rap is noise with free plastic toys your kids can play with
Waka Flocka Flagrantly retarded garbage artists just exist to hit
the hardest target market, which is hipster kids
this crossover pop flow is so boring...
kids, just GO FOR IT, off those little domes with no choruses
I know I should hold my peace, but see, most of your flows are weak
and yet most of the shit I've said is straight over my critic's heads
I'm larger than life, the poverty nights with ramen and rice
then walk in tonight and Viking slaughter the mic
fuck waitin, the frustration of a couple month waiting
then change it up to playing buzzed and waking up in bus stations
the art of the scam...yeah, man, I'm part of the band
drunk for days, wake up and ace some Harvard exams
so pardon me man, see, I'm basically a shark with some hands
and if you're gonna spit, please fucking spit as hard as you can...


from No Humans Allowed, released May 5, 2011
produced by Dr. Quandary and co-produced by Louis Mackey



all rights reserved


No Humans Allowed Burlington, Vermont

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